Employers find employee-friendly ways to shove off Coronavirus

Employers find employee-friendly ways to shove off Coronavirus

It started with China, and the death toll has risen above 1100 under the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus. Since January 30 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) has announced the Coronavirus to be considered as a global public health emergency. 


As the deadly virus is spreading its grip over the globe, employers are now looking at revising their plans and policies to safeguard their employees, especially if they are officially traveling to China. Some of the preventive measures include: Bringing awareness about the Coronavirus and circulating accurate knowledge that will help in the prevention of the infection from the virus; offering a compulsory leave for employees who have returned from China; a work from home option for someone under a quarantine.


Three have already been reported dead in India and the strong business transactions between the two nations require serious actions to be taken by the employers in India. Many international conglomerates are restricting or declining travel plans of their employees and partners to mainland China, and even Hong Kong, and Taiwan. JPMorgan Chase, HSBC Holdings, Ford Motors, Apple, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Kraft Heinz are some of the organizations impacted. When employers join hands with employees to strike for a balance between preventive health measures and business requirements, it will allow the authorities to eradicate the threat of the Coronavirus


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