Hiring activity declines 6.73% in first quarter: Survey

Hiring activity declines 6.73% in first quarter: Survey

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the industries globely with slowdown in hiring across sectors. A recent report has indicated a 6.73% decline in number of jobs posted in Q1-2020 as compared to Q1-2019.


Despite slowdown in hiring, there are certain job roles & skills that have seen exponential increase in demand revealed, the SCIKEY Talent Commerce survey.


It was found that Engineers, Sales Professionals, IT Designers, Operations and Change Management Professionals witness a massive increase by 200%, 55%, 100%, 100% and 100% respectively in Q1-2020 as compared to Q1-2019.


Itrestngly, employers have indicated a surge in Communication and Presentation(especially virtual) skills by 500% in Q1-2020 as compared to Q1-2020. The major reason for this increase in Communication and PPT skills is owing to virtual jobs during coronavirus pandemic in India and utmost importance of communication. Another skill that has come to the forefront due to COVID-19 is Change and Implementation. There has been significant rise in skills including Javascript (225%), Oracle (150%), HTML (50%) and Node.js (233%) in Q1-2020 as compared to Q1-2019.


Akshay Sharma, Co-founder, SCIKEY said, “The COVID-19 led business uncertainty has impacted the hiring plans of many companies, at the same time there are certain sectors that are COVID-proof and are rapidly expanding their teams. This is also giving rise to new skill sets to manage the uncertainty and will quickly become the new normal. Upskilling and meeting the demand requirements of the job market will enable opening up of new jobs and roles.”


The data is based on 233 jobs from the SCIKEY Talent Commerce platform from IT (47.37%), Consultancy (10.53%), E-Commerce (10.53%), Real estate, Telecom, Renewable energies and Marketing (31.58%) sectors from Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, etc. The SCIKEY Talent Commerce is a Managed Talent Marketplace that enables employers globally, to build & manage productive teams.


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