Corporate India Needs More Women In Leadership Roles: Report

Corporate India Needs More Women In Leadership Roles: Report

Corporate India need more women in leadership roles, according to the JobsForHer DivHERsity Benchmarking 2020-2021 report. 

The report includes data and initiatives that represent the participation of women in the workforce and India Inc's efforts to boost women advancement in leadership positions. The report is based on the analysis of the quantitative and qualitative data received from 300+ companies, including large enterprises and SMEs.

It also provides in-depth insights into women's roles in the workforce across levels in India, and how companies' family-friendly policies and good workplace ethics in the context of COVID-19 like having flexible work timings, work-from-home options is ensuring the continued participation of women at the workplace. The report revealed that 44% of the engaged companies had fixed goals to increase female participation in leadership roles. However, it was the large enterprises that led the way with a massive 83% of them having the presence of a clear goal for increasing the number of women in leadership roles as compared to a mere 26% of SMEs.

Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO of JobsForHer said, "An increasing number of organizations, both large and small, are realizing that there is an urgent need to boost the percentage of women in leadership roles, thereby increasing the gender parity. While several organizations have been taking steps towards increasing female participation in top-level management, a more systematic and collaborative approach needs to be adopted to further quicken the process. Through the insights garnered from our report, we expect that the post-pandemic era will see more women stepping up to take on leadership roles and organizations facilitating a conducive environment for this to happen."

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