Building An Inclusive Culture With Diversity Steers The Growth Of An Organisation

Building An Inclusive Culture With Diversity Steers The Growth Of An Organisation

Right from the beginning, an organization needs to construct an inclusive work culture where every individual feels heard and respected.


Here are my 4 cents on creating a strong company culture:


1Recruiting for a cultural fit - Ensure that the people you hire align with your company's core values and vision. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a complete misfit. This fundamentally simple yet crucial aspect helps in uncovering the right talent.


At the same time, job aspirants may have a premonition about the company, which they would have acquired through publicly available information. While searching for the right opportunity, candidates might be completely unaware of the company's exact way of functioning. Several questions might arrive in a candidate's mind: How shall I be treated in my new company? Will my colleagues or seniors support me? What if I don't have the freedom of work? Would the management provide me with timely increments?


In contrast, companies are keen on hiring a person that remains dedicated to the job. An organization will have a similar question that suits the company's best interest. Will the candidate remain loyal to the organization? However, being a dedicated candidate alone will not suffice. An employee should get along well with the people in the company. One needs to have good interpersonal relations. The well-being of the company should be foremost in any employee.


Hiring should be like finding a suitable candidate and being respected in the company with much freedom. A recruit should come in with no misconceptions. Just as employees introduce themselves to the company, the organization should brief them about its functioning, values, and vision. That exchange alone would bring out that there would be no clash of values and vision.


2. Give all ears to employees’ feedback - As humans, we have a core desire to be heard and appreciated. Listening to your employees' ideas and feedback can further enhance the work culture. Gone are times when employers used to deliver orders to employees. They want to be respected by the employer. At the same, employees wish the seniors hear their feedback. Yes, employee feedback could brew ideas for improvement and act as a morale booster.


3. Empowering ownership - As a leader, you should take care of their responsibilities and track their progress. It is equally important to give them the freedom and ownership to do things their way.


It is okay to monitor employees' shouldering their responsibilities and tracking their progress. Still, there should be no curtailing of freedom to carry out their functions in a way more comfortable to them. Let the employee own a role, run a function, and develop an approach in the company's overall interest.


4. Building a cluster of diversified talents - Each team member contributes with a different characteristic that makes them unique. Diversity is essential in building good teams.


Don't expect all employees to be alike. Not all need to be able to play in the same position but in different roles. Not all need be adept at playing any particular instrument, but different instruments. Players of different styles who can complement each other and jell well are essential for team building. It would be jarring to have no multiplicity.


Let's not forget that strong company culture is built synonymously with both leadership and employees' contribution. Having a healthy company culture can set an organization apart.


Last but not least, it is non-negotiable to have a strong company culture that can only be built with solid leadership, capable of extracting employees' contributions with their diversified talents and empowering them. Investing in these core values will go a long way in building a sustainable environment in any organization.


Ishank Joshi, CEO, Mobavenue Media Private Limited


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