Balancing For Benefits

Balancing For Benefits

Regardless of the chosen career path, hurdles impede an individual's life, and it becomes necessary to incorporate work life balance in one's daily routine to ensure complete utilisation of time and energy.


Work life balance refers to the way in which an individual prioritises his day to balance his activities Some may infer that they have managed to achieve equilibrium in their work life when they leave on time and spend the evening with their family and friends. Some others may feel that they have managed to achieve a semblance of sorts if they can dedicate sufficient time to nurture their abilities to advance their careers. A few others might look forward to a flexible schedule to dedicate time for their education. Fundamentally, one manages to achieve a balance when they have plenty of time to pursue their profession along with their personal interests or hobbies.


Regardless of the chosen career path, hurdles are bound to impede an individual's life. And this is where it becomes necessary to incorporate work life balance in one's daily routine, and ensure complete utilisation of time and energy. It can be challenging to gain stability in both spheres - especially if ones' responsibilities at home conflict with those at work - but the advantages of the balance are long term, and definitely worth the effort involved


The following are the reasons why it is absolutely essential for employees to maintain a work life balance and how it benefits them: Improved health and wellbeing: Someone who is working constantly without imparting sufficient time for their health, often falls victim to a burnout. While most of us are caught up with stringent deadlines, without even realising, we end up eating at odd hours. And at the same time, we sacrifice our sleep as well. It is vital for us that we look after our physical wellbeing as also our mental health. Working in a vibrant environment results in higher self-effectiveness, builds resilience, more frequent selfgeneration of positive emotions, and generates the feeling of being more socially connected.


Increased focus: A workplace with the best employee engagement practices is essential to help people improve their concentration. When the employees are permitted to report and carry out responsibilities at such a time when their minds are fresh and focus is at its pinnacle, it helps them in completing more work without stressing over other commitments in their personal life.


Better time management: Considering the fact that we devote a significant amount of our time for our professional ambitions, by learning how best to utilise that time will prove to be helpful in leading our personal and professional life with greater efficiency. Effective time management is helpful in better managing our priorities, and complete the tasks within the stipulated deadline. If employees are permitted to work longer for a compensatory leave, it will enable them to allocate their time for various other tasks without the peril of overburdening themselves.


Reduced stress: Generally, people are overcome with stress when they are entangled with work that forces them to sacrifice their personal life, and yet they continue to struggle. When one is overburdened with work, he is sure to be less productive, having higher rates of absenteeism. This will not only affect his performance at work, but will also be a burden on his career growth. Thus, some employees are not able to perform to their complete potential, and often end up stressing out over the tiniest of chores.


Organisations also help their employees to cope up with stress by not adding to their burden through stringent rules and regulations. Encouraging small breaks during the day, playing indoor games, or just a quick jog can help in decompressing the brain, and also gives people a chance to take a break from the monotony in their schedules. A clear mind boosts creativity, enhances dexterity, and enables an employee to work smarter.


Motivation: When a person is able to balance and make the most of their personal and professional life, they are automatically motivated to work harder and give in their 100%. On achieving the desired results, one tends to be more energetic to take up challenges, as well as adopt innovative techniques. These people are also a great deal happier since they are not haunted by the worries of their work, and become capable of controlling their lives.


Higher engagement levels: Individuals who have a balanced approach to their work life are more engaged.


Companies that organise programmes for their employees create a platform for them to interact with each other. This not only helps in networking, but also forms a sense of belonging with their place of work. Brainstorming sessions and discussions help cultivate fresh ideas and projects to work on, which fosters improved teamwork. When organisations make their workforce feel that they truly matter, they undoubtedly reciprocate by being more efficient.


Personal employee growth: When a person has everything in place, right from his performance at work to his social life, he is on a progressive growth scale. By getting organised, one tends to be self-sufficient and independent, and need not have any kind of tension when it comes to work. They will have enough time to develop themselves and improve on their skills. Through this process, employees become more assertive and confident, making them blissful and content.


In Quotes "By getting organised, one tends to be self-sufficient and independent, and need not have any kind of tension when it comes to work. They will have enough time to develop themselves and improve on their skills."


With these key points in mind, it is clear that work life balance has a huge impact on our lives. A person's ability to meet personal commitments highly influences their success at work. When one comprehends the significance of this stability, they have a distinct vision of their life. This enables them to set goals, act, and achieve career longevity. Moreover, companies also benefit since they can retain their valuable and healthy employees who yield higher outputs. By way of implementing the right habits, one will not only enhance their efficiency, but will also be highly exuberant in their personal life.


Urvi Aradhya is the Chief Human Resource Officer at K Raheja Corp. She comes with an industry experience of 19 years in Human Resources and has previously worked in Parle Bisleri Pvt. Ltd. She has introduced a multichannel, innovative, technology driven recruitment approach whose benefits are seen at the bottom line. Urvi is a graduate in Statistics and a postgraduate in Human Resource Management.


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