People Analytics is the future of HR

People Analytics is the future of HR

A whopping 92 per cent talent professionals in India consider People Analytics to pave the way for the future of HR and recruiting, according to a LinkedIn report.


The 10th annual edition of the LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2020 report, reveals 95 per cent of talent professionals in India believe employee experience to shape the future of HR. 

The report examines survey results from 7,000 talent professionals, platform data, and interviews with leaders to provide insight into the key topics impacting HR leaders today. 


This year’s Global Talent Trends report focuses on how empathy is reshaping the way employers hire and retain talent, with companies working harder than ever to understand their employees more deeply, and better serve them. 

The four key trends that change the way organisations attract and retain talent, include employee experience, people analytics, internal recruiting and multi-generational workforce.


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