The onset of the monsoons apart from providing relief and cheer to the agrarian sector also make for pleasurable weather conditions for one to relish nature’s own creations. The Rainbow with its resplendent display of colours is also one of the standalone attractions of the season. It is sheer co-incidence that this is the time when performance appraisals get concluded in organisations.


If one were to draw an analogy between Performance Management and the rainbow’s VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red) pattern, then the starting point where employee objectives are defined at the beginning of the year can be represented by Violet, and Red can be the end point wherein the objectives are reviewed, leading to rewards, reprimands, or in the worst-case scenario, termination.


While technology has been invasive in all the spheres of work, it has been unable to make incisive inroads in the Performance Management space. However, what has changed with the advent of technology in Performance Management is that it has devolved individual subjectivity with data.


Technology has near about redefined the rules of performance management in terms of recognising the high performers and handing out incentives and promotions.  In addition, the advent of technology has brought data into the ambit and the spotlight is now on the manner in which PM data can be collected, organised and analysed and subsequently utilised. 


However, while tech tools can be used to monitor and assess, they can also be used to predict and improve performance. While this is bound to introduce transparency, and create an avenue for skill enhancement within the organisation, it is also bound to instil fear in the employee’s minds whether every work-related action from their side shall stand to be scrutinised and go on to provide a completely different narrative to the deliverables from the employees as well as the organisation.


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