Procter & Gamble India to introduce ‘P&G ReLaunch program’

Procter & Gamble India to introduce ‘P&G ReLaunch program’

Procter & Gamble will introduce the 'P&G ReLaunch program' to welcome back talented professionals who took a break from the workforce and are looking to restart their careers in STEM roles.


This program is part of the company's commitment to strengthen diversity in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and will focus on people looking to relaunch their careers in IT, Research & Development, and Product Supply.


The program will have key components focusing on work, training, networking, and mentorship. As a part of this program, professionals will be hired directly into a role and will have the flexibility and support required to restart their career. They will also be provided customized trainings designed to help them transition back into the work environment. The company will also focus on broadening the ReLauncher's professional network by creating platforms that enable relationship building throughout P&G. The professionals will also have access to senior mentors and buddies which will create a support network for them where they can get advice and the help, they need to navigate the organization.


P&G India will also introduce 'P&G Shiksha Betiyan Scholarship Program' to provide financial aid and mentorship to girls wanting to pursue STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education. This program will be introduced across 50+ colleges including technical institutes, undergraduate colleges and post-graduate universities. The program will be aimed at underprivileged girls and will provide them with financial support and mentorship as they pursue STEM education.


PM Srinivas, Vice President and Head – Human Resources, Indian Sub-Continent, Procter & Gamble said, "Keeping and supporting women in technology is important to us. Every year, several women and men, take a break from their careers to take care of their loved ones and other personal reasons. When they attempt to return to work, there have limited opportunities to regain full employment. Our P&G ReLaunch program will be a holistic platform that will not only provide an opportunity to talented and experienced professionals but also empower them, through customized trainings, mentorship programs, networking platforms, and flexibility, to have a successful career."


He further added, "Access to technical education will provide an opportunity to girls to create their own pathway towards a successful career in manufacturing, engineering, and technology roles across industries, and will also advance equality in these roles. We hope that the P&G Shiksha Betiyan scholarship program breaks barriers for girls who aspire to pursue careers in manufacturing and leads to inclusive growth of the individual, communities and the world."


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