Airbnb allows employees to work from anywhere

Airbnb allows employees to work from anywhere

Airbnb  announced an approach to allow employees to live and work anywhere.


Co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky sent email to employees around the globe stating: 


1. You can work from home or the office


Each of us works best in our own ways, and we're giving you the flexibility to make the right choice based on where you're most productive. The vast majority of you will have this flexibility. A small number of roles will be required to be in the office or a specific location to perform their core job responsibilities, and those of you who have these roles have already been informed. 


2. You can move anywhere in the country you work in and your compensation won't change


This means you can move from San Francisco to Nashville, or from Paris to Lyon. You'll have the flexibility to do what's best for your life—whether that's staying put, moving closer to family, or living in a place you've always dreamed of.


If you move, your compensation won't change. Starting in June, we'll have single pay tiers by country for both salary and equity. If your pay was set using a lower location-based pay tier, you'll receive an increase in June. Before you move, make sure to talk to your manager about performance and time zone expectations, as well as your availability for team gatherings. Permanent international moves are much more complex, so we won't be able to support those this year.


3. You have the flexibility to travel and work around the world


Starting in September, you can live and work in over 170 countries for up to 90 days a year in each location. Everyone will still need a permanent address for tax and payroll purposes, but we're excited to give you this level of flexibility. Most companies don't do this because of the mountain of complexities with taxes, payroll, and time zone availability, but I hope we can open-source a solution so other companies can offer this flexibility as well. 


While you'll be responsible for getting proper work authorization, we're actively partnering with local governments to make it easier for more people to travel and work around the world. Today, 20+ countries offer remote work visas, and more are in the works. While working from different locations isn't possible for everyone, I hope everyone can benefit from this flexibility when the time is right. 


4. We'll meet up regularly for team gatherings, off-sites, and social events


Being together to connect and collaborate has always been an essential part of our culture, and we're doubling down on that. Instead of spending a set number of days in the office together, we're prioritizing meaningful in-person gatherings that will happen throughout the year. Given that we're still in a pandemic, there will be limited off-sites in 2022, but the Ground Control team is planning some special social events so you'll still have opportunities to spend time together.


Next year, we'll come together a lot more. Most of you should expect to gather in person every quarter for about a week at a time. Some roles, especially senior roles, will be expected to gather more often. We'll do our best to define windows when most large team off-sites will occur and give you plenty of notice so you can make it work with personal and family plans. We'll provide more details on all of this in the coming months. What makes our culture special is all of you, and I can't wait for us to be together again. 


5. We'll continue to work in a highly coordinated way


To pull off this level of flexibility, we need ample structure and coordination. Without it, things would become a free-for-all. The backbone of how we operate will continue to be our single company calendar with our multi-year roadmap. It's centered around two major product releases each year—a May release and a November release. Even though not everyone directly works on these product releases, we're organizing our entire calendar around them to maintain company-wide alignment. Our collaboration sessions, off-sites, social events, and breaks will be planned in advance and designed around this calendar. 


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