Job postings continue to rise through the third wave of the COVID 19: Report

Job postings continue to rise through the third wave of the COVID 19: Report

Job opportunities for Indian workers continue to rise despite the third wave of Covid 19. By the end of March, jobs posted on  Indeed in India were up 30.8% from their level on February 1, 2020, almost two years after the pandemic's onset. India job postings have exceeded pre-COVID levels since September 2021.


Sashi Kumar, Head of Sales for Indeed India noted that "We have seen demand for talent rise across almost every occupational category, although to a much greater extent in some occupations than in others. Workers in India, especially in the tech segment have greater choice and might get more bargaining power than before the pandemic. This may lead to more positive outcomes for employees in terms of higher compensation and workplace benefits."


Demand for jobs was highest in Software and tech roles, up 25.2%% since last year. The next strongest was the Management roles (+9.7%), IT roles  (+5%). These categories experienced postings growth that exceeded the national average throughout last year in the pandemic. 


Strong demand in some of these occupations, mainly engineering, software jobs and finance jobs are reflective of the growing demand for skills in these areas.   


Indeed reported slower growth in sectors such as sports, hospitality and real construction. On the whole, hiring has been consistent with strong employment growth. 


The percentage of job postings containing remote terms went up to 8.4% showing demand for continuing interest for roles that are remote. 




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