Know all about Standard Chartered Credit Card

Know all about Standard Chartered Credit Card

The fast paced technological advancements and online transactions escalate the necessity of credit cards, which has become an essential financial tool to help the customers with purchases and the option of paying back the amount later.


Of the different types of credit cards available, Standard Chartered Credit Card are set to provide offers to well suit different needs including shopping, travel, fuel, cashback, utility bills etc.




> There are a plethora of benefits available for SC credit cards which include rewards on entertainment and movie expenses.


> Standard Chartered Bank Credit Cards also allow you to convert any large transaction into EMI, that is, it enables you to transfer credit card balance and even balance payment into EMI.




The eligibility criteria to get a SC credit card has been set to the age limit of 21 to 65 years, for those who have a stable income. Also, the bank mentions the criteria to also be included in as, the beneficiary must belong to credit card sourcing cities or locations of the bank and agree to being subjected to credit and other policy cheques of the bank.


Quick glance of Procedure


Whilst having a capsule understanding of the need and benefits of a credit card, it is equally indispensable to know the procedure to apply for the SC credit card. The Standard Chartered Bank eases its application process for beneficiaries by an online application followed by which the bank representative gets in touch with you to collect further details, approval and to upload necessary documents. The beneficiary receives the credit card in a couple of weeks, subjected to final policy and verification checks.


More Details :


> Visit the official Standard Chartered website at


> Click on the tab ‘Login’ and select ‘Online Banking Login’.


> In case you have not registered, click on ‘ Register for Digital Banking’ and register for net banking account


> If you have a registered account, click on ‘Continue to Login’.


> You will be redirected to the Standard Chartered Credit Card login page.


> Enter a username and password and click Login.


SC Bank also allows for an offline submission of application. You can fill an online banking application form and send it to the bank through postal mail.


The application form is available at all SCB branches and also on the bank’s website


( for download. Alternatively, you can also call Standard Chartered Bank credit card helpline to request for the application form that will be delivered at your doorstep.Once you receive the form, fill all the required details including personal details, credit card number, expiry date, etc., sign it and send it to the below address via post.


SCB Postal Address


Standard Chartered Bank,


P.O. Box #8888,


Chennai, India.

Once the bank receives the filled-in application, it will send your unique ID and password to your registered mailing address within three working days. You can use the credentials to login to your account instantly. On first login, it may ask you to change your password for security reasons.



Standard Chartered Credit Card Netbanking


Netbanking helps you to perform banking operations at the tip of your fingers 24X7 safely and conveniently.  With SC Credit Cards,it has become extremely easy to use and manage the account and large transactions within the comfort of your home. Transcending the limits of geographical space and time has aided in saving the beneficiary’s time as you no longer have to visit the branch or call up phone banking for basic banking services.You will also receive an alert for all transactions done via netbanking.




Dial-A-Loan -  Net Banking service of getting a loan up to Rs. 10 lakhs with interest rates starting at 0.99% per month.


Balance on EMI- Converting the credit card outstanding into EMIs at zero processing fee


Kuch Bhi on EMI - Convert your credit card purchases into easy EMI at retail outlets or e-commerce websites, of Rs. 2000 or more. 


Balance Transfer - Moving outstanding debt of one credit card into another one.


Standard Chartered Bank Credit Card Customer Care


SC Bank has a well systematized and efficient team of customer care, catering to the needs and queries of its customers via coherent interaction and response on time. For any queries, you may contact the Standard Chartered Credit Card customer Care through the following helpline numbers.


The dedicated number of SC Banks varies across cities.




Credit cards and the offers it avail have thus become pivotal in the fast paced digital revolution. Standard Chartered Bank follows a well structured procedure for the customers to apply for the credit cards online. Moreover, the website also allows the beneficiaries to navigate easily to identify the right credit card which well suits their needs. In a nutshell, credit cards are  indispensable for anyone who makes large transactions to individuals making transactions in EMIs. The discounts and offers in parallel to the various credit card reward points have also proven to be beneficial to all the customers.


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