Paytm Insider launches employee welfare program

Paytm Insider launches employee welfare program

Paytm Insider has launched an employee welfare program that focuses on prioritizing and helping employees cope with the ever-changing environment.


Paytm Insider has partnered with Trijog - one of India's leading mental health care and counselling organizations - that will provide its employees with unlimited digital counselling and grievance management services by highly trained and qualified psychologists. Employees can book appointments anonymously and free of cost by way of a special helpline set up for them as part of this association.


The company has further concluded that its employees are now entitled to a mental health day off to just relax if they feel overburdened or overwhelmed with their life situations, at any time they deem necessary - no questions asked. This will ensure the team gets a complete break from work and sufficient time to recuperate and spend time with their families, once a month.


"The pandemic has significantly altered the way we function. With the work environment becoming mostly digital, remote working has also resulted in blurred lines between personal and professional lives of the workforce adding to their mental stress and woes." Said Shreyas Srinivasan, CEO, Paytm Insider. "It is important to help employees handle their problems. We firmly believe that employee well being is of utmost importance and that their safety and mental welfare is the company's topmost priority." he further added.


Arushi Sethi, Co-Founder CEO, Trijog: "Paytm Insider understands that this unfamiliar situation can be a cause for major distress amongst employees and it is crucial, now more than ever, to create a space where they can get help and support whenever required. Thus, in order to ensure that all their employees are able to maintain a healthy and positive state of mind, Paytm Insider brought us on board for counselling - to help employees anonymously deal with any issues that they are facing in their personal or professional lives. We aim to create a safe, secure, trusted and high-empathy led space for them."


Paytm Insider's Human Resources team has curated company-wide webinars and training sessions to understand where its employees stand in terms of burnout or fatigue, and use that information to improve their overall mental health.


Dipti Goel, Head of HR, Paytm Insider said, "Mental and emotional health issues are something we all face and yet they are so unique to each person. The best thing about working with the Trijog team has been the ability to normalise and personalise the topics. It's been a collaborative ongoing effort. Kudos to team Trijog for the quality and real-time actionable work they execute."


Employees are additionally encouraged to take all the time they need to adapt and recover, with flexible work hours and dependence on deadline-based performance being reduced to a bare minimum. As Shreyas Srinivasan wrote in this heartfelt letter to all his colleagues announcing the initiative, "Trust remains our biggest currency as a company. Work as much or as little as you feel, we trust you completely to do and stand by what's right for you and for Paytm Insider."


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