SBI Revokes Controversial Policy

SBI Revokes Controversial Policy

After coming under fire for its gender discriminatory policy against women, The State Bank of India (SBI) has decided to revise its recent instructions regarding the recruitment of pregnant women candidates, according to a statement.


Earlier this week the bank had put in place new rules wherein a woman candidate with more than three months pregnancy will be considered "temporarily unfit" and can only be recruited within four months after delivery.


For recruitment, it said, the policy will be effective from the date of approval 21 December 2021. The revised standards in respect of promotion will be applicable with effect from 1 April 2022, it said.


According to the SBI employees' association general secretary KS Krishna, the union had written to SBI management urging it to withdraw the guidelines stating that it is .


“fundamentally prejudicial and against womanhood”. He added that women could not be made to choose between bearing a child and employment as it interferes with her reproductive rights and her right to employment and that it has no place in the present day modern era.


The bank added that “In some sections of the media, the revision in norms in this regard has been interpreted as discriminatory against women. SBI has always been proactive towards the care and empowerment of its women employees who now constitute around 25% of their workforce, it added.


The bank stated that post the Covid-19 surge, the government had instructed pregnant women to work from home for their safety.


“However, in view of the public sentiments, SBI has decided to keep the revised instructions regarding recruitment of pregnant women candidates in abeyance and continue with the existing instructions in the matter," said the SBI.



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