Google Announces 20 Paid Vacation Days and Other Perks

Google Announces 20 Paid Vacation Days and Other Perks

Google is increasing the vacation days and leave for taking care of newborns and seriously ill loved ones.


The company announced that the employees can now avail a minimum of 20 paid vacation days annually. Earlier, Google offered only 15 vacation days, but now the number has been increased to 20.


Google's chief people officer, Fiona Cicconi, stated that the leave has been increased "to support our employees at every stage of their lives and that means providing extraordinary benefits.” The company further stated that the new parents can take up to 24 weeks off as compared with 18 previously. Other parents are at liberty to take 18 weeks of leave, up from 12.


In an emailed statement, Fiona Cicconi, Google's chief people officer, said that more than 40% of their employees are in the 'sandwich generation,' where they might find themselves both bringing up their children and caring for aging family members.


Google will also double the leave of employees taking care of seriously ill patients at home. They will now be entitled to 8 weeks of leave to take care of their loved ones.


Google offers multiple perks to its employees, which include paid leave, on-site meals and snacks, internet reimbursement and company-paid mobile phone, four “work from anywhere” weeks per year, workplace accommodations for physical or mental health concerns, and more.


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