Aisle driving gender equality in workplace, announces 1:1 Gender Ratio

Aisle driving gender equality in workplace, announces 1:1 Gender Ratio

Aisle, is setting standards of what it means to work in a diverse and inclusive workplace. With a team of 21 members coming from 10+ states in India, the gender ratio at Aisle stands at 1:1, something not so common in a modest size team such as theirs. 

Culture is what shapes individuals, their beliefs, behaviour and even their identity. Bringing cultural diversity in a workplace means bringing together individuals with different talents, viewpoints, and unique perspectives into a team. Most of Aisle's team members speak more than 2 languages and this has given an edge to the company in building products for different cultures and regions with ease.

Team Aisle includes people all the way from Assam to Andamans who bring their culture, language and beliefs to the table. This cultural diversity has helped the company build customized experiences for Indian singles from different regions in the country. In 2021, Aisle launched three customised vernacular dating apps 'Arike', 'Anbe' and 'Neetho' for Malayalee, Tamil and Telugu singles respectively.


Able Joseph, Founder and CEO, Aisle, is well aware that creating a diverse team does not happen overnight, "We try and identify processes that can inspire change". He further adds, "From the very start, we have been transparent with our employees and focused on making everyone feel connected to the vision of Aisle. As we have grown it has become increasingly clear that having people from all walks of life in the company has helped with more perspectives on different topics, which in turn has helped solve problems more efficiently and creatively."

Further, Able adds, "We have a wide culturally diverse team who have brought in new ways of thinking with a diverse set of solutions to everyday problems which has enabled us to introduce more region-specific features for our audiences. " 


Although there is a long way for Indian companies to cultivate diversity as the hallmark of their culture, Aisle operates as a close-knit tribe where one watches out for another while having an open and honest discussion about everything under the roof. Apart from celebrating different cultures and festivals, the company has a long-standing tradition of having lunch together as a family.


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