Meta Platforms Makes Proof of Booster Compulsory for Return to Office

Meta Platforms Makes Proof of Booster Compulsory for Return to Office

Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram has now mandated that all its employees produce proof of having got their booster shot before returning to office.


Prior to this, the return-to-office was scheduled to happen end of January, 2022. However, with the surge in the Omicron variant recently, the Company has again postponed return-to-office to end of March.


The tech company, is aware that the booster shot provides effective protection to people, and has added this as a mandatory, requirement.


All employees of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp who wish to come in to office to work after March 28, will have to communicate their intention to their bosses by the middle of March, and of course be prepared with proof of their booster shot.


The Company will try to ensure that its workforce is allowed flexibility, in terms of where and how to work, given the uncertainty that has set in yet again due to the scare of the omicron variant.


A booster dose of the vaccine, as per the World Health Organsiation, is given to the  vaccinated population that has completed a primary vaccination series, namely the first two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. A booster shot is administered when, over time, the immunity and clinical protection falls below a rate considered sufficient. Such a booster jab helps restore vaccine effectiveness.


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