Cashfree To Double Employee Strength In 2022

Cashfree To Double Employee Strength In 2022

Cashfree Payments (Cashfree) has announced plans to double its employee strength in 2022. 


The organisation aims to cross a headcount of 600 by March 2022 and of 950 by December 2022, while staying on schedule with appraisals, bonuses and promotions for the current team. 

Last year, Cashfree Payments strengthened its workforce to more than  475 employees, having digitally on-boarded over 300+ new hires. The hiring in 2021 also included crucial leadership roles across engineering, product management, strategy and growth teams. In December 2021, Cashfree Payments rolled out over 100+ offers to freshers from prominent engineering colleges including the IITs and NITs, and will continue to expand its workforce as digital payments become more entrenched in India. 

Akash Sinha, CEO and Co-founder, Cashfree Payments said, “Cashfree Payments is in an exciting phase of growth and we are happy to grow our teams at such an accelerated pace. The rise in e-commerce penetration and widespread digital payments adoption has given us the opportunity to scale significantly. Building innovations is at the core of what we do and we are investing in skilled and talented individuals who will drive innovation and build a seamless payments ecosystem.”

Sapna Sukumar, Vice President of Human Resources, Cashfree Payments commented, “It has been a fulfilling experience to virtually onboard fresh talent, amidst such challenging times, to expand Cashfree Payments’ workforce and achieve our targets set prior to the pandemic. This year, the  hiring as well as the company orientation of over 300+ new hires were completed digitally and across diverse verticals. We plan to further double our workforce by the end of 2022, filling up critical positions to prepare for the next wave of transformation and growth in the organisation.”
Cashfree Payments has also rolled out various Learning and Developments programs and Care programs to enable the current workforce to thrive during these unprecedented times. 



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