K Raheja Corp Launches  Relaunch Policy

K Raheja Corp Launches Relaunch Policy

K Raheja Corp has unveiled ‘Relaunch’ policy to assist professionals on a career break to re-enter the mainstream workforce.


The policy is gender agnostic and in keeping with the workspace dynamics.


Prospective employees who have taken a work-break, whether to treat a health issue or attend to an ailing family member; whether for a sabbatical or maternity leave, need not worry about their return to the workforce. ‘Relaunch’  assures  candidates that they will be judged only on their skill sets and expertise. The job openings under this initiative will  be announced on multiple job portals and social media platforms.


K Raheja Corp group takes cognisance of the fact that prospective employees on a break have a lot to offer at the workplace, not in the least, valuable experience from past roles. In congruence with the Company’s endeavour to create a work environment that fosters an equitable work culture, it seeks talent that believes they have the capabilities and the skill sets, to get back to a full-time role. The evaluation and selection of the candidate will be based upon the specific role requirements and competencies.


Post hiring, the employees’ seamless integration into the teams has been meticulously planned, through the process of quick identification of skill gaps, followed by guidance and mentoring to fast-track them into the role thereby increasing their employability and readiness to take on a role in their area of expertise   This policy is aimed at giving prospective employees greater confidence when applying for jobs, given the challenging work environment today.


Speaking on the policy, Urvi Aradhya, CHRO, K Raheja Corp, said “The year was marked by unforeseen circumstances arising from the global pandemic, and people have had to face adverse situations in their personal and professional lives. K Raheja Corp is an organisation that embraces talent, and with this policy, we assure prospective employees that a work-break need not be a hindrance to one’s career growth. The ‘Relaunch’ policy is designed to identify talent irrespective of age or gender, and provide with development programs that groom them for suitable roles across departments.”


Backed by the belief that a diverse workforce brings variedperspectives to the table, K Raheja Corp has been integrating diversity and inclusion strategies across business processes such as recruitment, performance management, leadership assessment, etc. With policies for young mothers like the ‘Aanchal Policy’ and the inclusive diversity policy that prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity titled ‘Pride Side’, amongst many others, the Company has always been ahead of the curve with its people-centric policies.




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