Propelld Plans to Recruit over 120 Employees across Various  Departments by the End of FY 2022

Propelld Plans to Recruit over 120 Employees across Various Departments by the End of FY 2022

The education financing platform is set to recruit double its existing employees by the end of 2022 in verticals across the organisation, including Tech, o-Operations, Collections, Relationship Management, Finance, Credit, and Legal.


Education financing platform‘Propelld’ continues to open up an array of avenues for people to join its mission to provide flexible financing products. The company announced that it plans to recruit over 120 employees across verticals by the end of FY 2022.


Currently, the organisation has 119 employees and is looking to add to its Tech and Operations teams primarily. Since the target has been 120 to recruit for 2022 FY, 63 recruits have already joined. With seven of them hired in the Tech team this year, the company plans on adding 20 more professionals to the vertical. The platform recently also made top-level hiring decisions by filling its project and alliance management positions.


Job seekers from around the country will welcome Propelld’s move through channels like,, LinkedIn, Career page, alumni network, employee referrals, and hiring agencies. Virtual hiring has been the modus operandi for the education financing platform thereby making it accessible and affordable to a larger number of applicants from across the country. The hiring process has two segments that an aspirant needs to clear - the virtual interview and the remote assessment test both of which can be taken from virtually anywhere including the comfort of applicants homes.


The company is hiring for several departments like Tech, Operations, Collections, Business Development/Sales, Relationship Management, Finance, Credit, and Legal.


Expatiating on the recruitment process, Victor Senapaty, Co-Founder, Propelld, said, "We are delighted to offer professionals and freshers from different disciplines a chance to work with us. The onboarding process is imperative to our growth as the nucleus of a well-oiled group is the team that forms the core from within. We’re looking for individuals who are committed to their work, are honest to themselves, and are consistent. As much as it is a necessity, the skillset is not all that we are looking for. We at Propelld stand for making education affordable to all, and the belief is close to our hearts, and we would want our employees and potential job-seekers to believe in it as well.



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