YPay Aims at Huge Boost to Manpower

YPay Aims at Huge Boost to Manpower

YPay to increase its employee base by 300% in order to provide a wider range of services and boost customer base.

YPay, the best and newest way to manage your child’s expenses under full parental control and supervision  plans to increase its workforce by 300 per cent in the next two quarters. It currently functions with a team of 50 highly driven and efficient employees and aims to increase its total strength to over 200 employees by the end of the fiscal year. The company went on to announce that hiring will be done across various departments including technology, sales and marketing with a view to increase its client base and offer quality services.


New direction and client reach: In addition YPay intends to expand the horizons of its services and reach. The new hiring plans will be the first  step in this direction. 


“We are driven by the idea of offering innovations in the field of payments. Understanding that this might be a good time to onboard skilled professionals, we have announced the hiring drive. A lot of sectors experiencedlayoffs during the lockdown, and currently opening the doors to talent would make it a win-win for both  sides- the brand and the employees,” said Dr. Navneet Gupta, Founder & CEO, YPay.


The Company is looking to instill fresh talent into its existing framework and thereby offer improved and a wider range of services and new blood to further fuel the spirit of the company. Hiring will mainly be done across junior and mid-level management and the recruits will chiefly be based out of Noida.


Ypay has been working relentlessly to usher in an era of new, easy to use and innovative payment solutions and capabilities, aimed at consumers of all ages and demographics. Ypay runs on cutting-edge, state of the art digital and technological infrastructure, which makes any and all activities on its platform absolutely safe, secure and reliable thereby adding to its popularity.


Products like the exclusive YPay card, which is embedded with a variety of AI-powered tools, which make payments simple and quick is just one illustration of the company’s commitment to continued innovation in the field of payments.



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