94% Indian Employers Want Employees To Be Vaccinated

94% Indian Employers Want Employees To Be Vaccinated

India in on the verge of achieving the 100 crore benchmark of Covid 19 Vaccines, and according to a study by job site Indeed, 94% employers and 87% employees want people coming to work to be vaccinated  having been administered at least one dose. 


Despite the fact that vaccination rates are increasing daily, employers are taking matters into their own hands by making vaccinations mandatory and even organising on-site vaccination drives. As much as 70% employers will not allow their non-vaccinated employees to step into the workplace and will prefer to ask them to resign.82% of the employees surveyed agree that vaccinations should be made compulsory in the workplace. 


Word on the street is that organizations are making vaccines mandatory amongst their new hires. The common trend is that 52% of employers and 61% of employees are in favour of the hybrid work mode and prefer it over going to work every day or working from home on an everyday basis. Both employees and employers agreed on transparency. 


Nearly 50% of all employees leave the matter of vaccine transparency in the hands of their employers. While 87% of all employee respondents believe entry to the workplace should be for people who are vaccinated at least once, 43% believe that people coming into the workplace need not carry vaccination certificates and 41% think they need not know the vaccination status of other employees. This is probably because they are aware that their employer may not allow employees who aren’t vaccinated to enter the workplace thereby making it safe for those who come to work. 


The strong support for vaccinations indicates a desire to fight against and leave behind a pandemic that has taken a serious toll on the economic, physical and emotional state of employees and employers both. Close to half of all workers (59%) surveyed said they had been somewhat and greatly affected by the pandemic.


An overwhelming majority of employees (91%) want their employers to incentivise them to get vaccinated. However, half of all employers (51%) do not wish to incentivise employees for getting vaccinated and feel it should be a self-driven cause.


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