TCS Asks Employees To Return To 'Deputed Location' By Nov 15

TCS Asks Employees To Return To 'Deputed Location' By Nov 15

TCS has requested employees to plan to return to their deputed location (their base branch) by November 15, 2021.

"Towards the end of CY'21, we will encourage our associates to return to offices, at least initially, before we switch to the '25/25' model. This will be done in a phased and flexible manner and will depend on respective team leaders and the requirements of each team or project.


"We are committed to the 25/25 model but before transition to the model, we need to start by getting people back to office and gradually evolve to 25/25," the company said.


Under the model, by 2025, no more than 25 % of the company's employees will need to work from the office at any given point, and an employee will not need to spend more than 25 % of their time in office.


"The return to office will be a calibrated move taking employee safety to consideration."


According to the IT major, the '25/25' model is an important design element, and will take a couple of years to mature.


"Hybrid models of work are here to stay. In the new 'Future Of Work', both the physical office and remote working will play an integral part. Eventually, everybody will have to come to office for a period and at the same time, they will have the flexibility to work from home. At the end, whatever we do, it will be fully taking into consideration, employees' safety, health, and well-being."


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