Stanza Living Announces ESOPs for Its Employees

Stanza Living Announces ESOPs for Its Employees

Stanza Living, India's largest managed accommodation company, has unveiled a new full-scale ESOPs scheme for all employees.


In a bid to democratize ownership and support personal wealth creation stories for everyone, the company will be covering over 800 employees across its network, including corporate teams and ground-operations staff in this plan. Stanza Living has set up an allocation pool of INR 35 Cr towards this effort.


Speaking on the announcement, Anindya Dutta, MD and Co-founder, Stanza Living, said, "Over the last few years, we have established ourselves as the leading player in the managed accommodation sector. As we grow, we want to recognize and reward every employee across the organization who has contributed to our journey. The further strengthening of the Stanza Living ESOP plan enables us to continue to democratize ownership in the company and offer an opportunity for deep individual wealth creation, backed by our disruptive business proposition and market potential."


Stanza Living also plans to create an ESOP-linked rewards and recognitions programme from the pool. Elaborating on this, Dutta said, "We are establishing a tradition of recognizing exemplary employees for their hard work and commitment through a top-up ESOP plan, beyond their compensation increments. With the additional allocation, they will have the opportunity to strengthen their shareholding in the company and continue growing with us. "



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