BeatO To Hire Over 100 Employees In FY22

BeatO To Hire Over 100 Employees In FY22

BeatO has announced that it will be hiring more than 100 employees in FY22, along with on-boarding leaders across multiple roles.


The company will be increasing the team size to enhance technological and product innovation and customer experience.


BeatO will also hire senior leaders for various roles and positions including clinical product development, data science, operations and finance. The new hiring will largely be carried out for technology, product, medical affairs and customer experience.


The company has also proactively vaccinated 100% of the eligible employees. Even with the positive vaccination status, many of the teams will continue to work from home - removing commute time to help employees maintain a work-life balance.


The company will follow a hybrid model where employees will visit the office for critical meetings, discussions, ideation or even to meet up with other colleagues. 




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