Embassy Group launches 'Wellbeing on the Web''

Embassy Group launches 'Wellbeing on the Web''

Embassy Group has launched its virtual employee wellness program, Wellbeing on the Web.


The initiative which is part of Embassy Cares, is aimed at supporting employee health and fitness through a holistic online platform. Wellbeing on the Web will offer employees access to online consultations with a doctor, dietician and mental health expert; consultancy, pharmacy discounts, newsletters, webinars, and games helping keep active and relieve stress.

Maria Rajesh, CHRO – Embassy Group said, “Today, we are in the midst of a new normal that has completely transformed how businesses and industries function across the globe. With the blurring of lines between work and home spaces, the concept of a work environment has evolved. Changes at a rapid pace and volume are taking a toll on our mental and physical health. That said, the pandemic has taught us lessons for life, the most important one being that of building resilience.”


Maria further added, “Wellbeing is about experiencing health and happiness, and the wellbeing of each one of our employees is important to us. With continued efforts of our Future First vision and prioritization of our biggest assets - our people, we are happy to launch the ‘Wellbeing on the Web’ program for all employees at Embassy Group. This platform will address all the wellness needs, creating a healthier future for each Embassador.


Embassy Group has introduced various initiatives dedicated to overall employee wellbeing. The company launched the ‘Embassy Cares’ wellness portal, and introduced an e-learning series ‘Learn, Grow and Connect’, aimed at upskilling and learning continuity for employees. From mental health webinars to learning and development programs, the company’s endeavour is to enable healthy and happy employees equipped with the latest skills in the ever-evolving ecosystem.



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