Avaali Solutions To Double Headcount In FY 2021-22

Avaali Solutions To Double Headcount In FY 2021-22

Avaali Solutions has planned to double its headcount of skilled professionals to meet demand growth.


The company intend to take the headcount to more than 275 in the next twelve to fifteen months.


The new hires will be across all levels (senior level, mid-level as well as entry level) and will be in areas such as product development, technologies like AI, automation skills as well as for solutions such as OpenText and Kofax, as well as sales and operations.


With the fresh hiring, across domains the team sizes are expected to grow exponentially, and it will meet the growing demand of the client-base to provide seamless service and enhance the overall customer experience, as customer demand for digital solutions across operational processes has grown over 2 times in the last 12 months.


Srividya Kannan, Founder & CEO of Avaali Solutions said,"There has been a consistent growth in our client base and an increase in demand for our end-to-end technological and service offering for enterprise solutions. We are known to be the employer of choice providing an open, collaborative and fulfilling work culture and experience where people go out of their way to be supportive and work as one team. We are looking at on-boarding tech leads, data scientists, and senior software engineers, etc., who will strengthen our technology arm and provide customized services to our clients.


She further added "Enterprises across all sectors have started investing in digital transformation as the pandemic made it evident that businesses with higher digital adoption would fare better than ones with traditional IT systems. Enterprises also started to increasingly invest in technologies like RPA, package applications in the Sourcing, Procurement and Supply Chain areas, AI, machine learning, and analytics for solutions like conversational AI and Chatbots, fraud prevention, demand forecasting, etc., which would help streamline their business operations."



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