57 % Indian Employees Are Less Concerned About Updating Work Devices: Report

57 % Indian Employees Are Less Concerned About Updating Work Devices: Report

Around 57 per cent of employees in India are less concerned about updating their work devices than personal devices, according to cybersecurity firm Kaspersky report.


The findings further revealed that 52 per cent of employees have previously had a dispute with IT staff about the importance or frequency of updating their work devices. Of the employees that have had such arguments, the IT teams tend to agree with such demands and let almost (84 per cent) of staff skip installing updates on certain software or OS at all.


“And once a security update is released, malefactors know about these issues. That is why patch management is essential for corporate security However, some staff members are reluctant to update their work devices, meaning that there are vulnerable computers, laptops and smartphones in the corporate network,” the report stated.


Employees who argued with IT department regarding updates were asked two questions – whether they were allowed to skip updates (84 per cent said they were) or whether they were allowed to choose what to update (the same 78 per cent chose this option). Employees stated an impact on productivity as a reason to take up these options.


Elena Molchanova, Head of Business Development, Kaspersky Security Awareness Trainings said “We recommend employees regularly update their devices – it will not only keep them protected, but each update takes just a few minutes. This short downtime can be used to recharge body and mind without any harm to business processes.”


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