Microsoft Announces New Innovations In Teams and Viva

Microsoft Announces New Innovations In Teams and Viva

Microsoft has announced new features in Teams and Viva to empower people for hybrid work culture.


The tech giant is adding new meeting experiences with enhancements to Teams Rooms including new video layouts, Whiteboard experiences, Fluid components and much more.


Front Row


To help remote participants establish their presence in the room and maximize inclusion, Microsoft will roll out front row in Teams Rooms, an immersive room layout that makes interactions feel more natural and gives in-room participants a greater sense of connection to remote participants. The meeting content, meanwhile, will still be surrounded by components such as the agenda, tasks, and notes.


More features from desktop to Teams Rooms include live reactions, spotlight, and the ability to pin multiple video streams (coming this fall) and chat bubbles when using the classic video grid layout.


Whiteboard Experience


To empower remote participants to initiate and facilitate whiteboard sessions, we’ve created a completely new, hybrid work-focused Whiteboard experience where all attendees can visually collaborate across the same digital canvas. Available in summer 2021, new features will enable anyone to bring existing content to Whiteboard to co-author; and new templates will help groups start ideating faster, improving their ability to follow along with contributors, and more.


PowerPoint Live


New PowerPoint Live features help create a shared space for collaboration and contributions from everyone in the meeting. Slide translate allows attendees to see the presentation in their chosen language, for instance. And with our new inking experience, you can annotate your PowerPoint as you present—or use a laser pointer to call attention to key points.


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