Appinventiv Gives Salary Hike For The 3rd Time During COVID Lockdown Period

Appinventiv Gives Salary Hike For The 3rd Time During COVID Lockdown Period

Appinventiv has disbursed the third round of appraisals to its employees within a span of 15 months along with many COVID related covers and facilities.


The company has been offering an open door policy across its inmates encouraging, identifying, and responding to changing needs of the Appinventiv fraternity.


In favor of workforce deployment and flexibility, Appinventiv has also planned out new formations in its covers and facilities to reduce dismay caused due to critical conditions following the COVID catastrophe.


The new policies in regard to the well being of the people of Appinventiv include 50 percent of the deceased's monthly salary to the family subject to Rs.40,000 per month for one year; Rs10,000 per month for the education of school & college going children for 2 years; Mediclaim coverage to the family for 2 years & employment to a dependent as per qualification/skills.       


Appinventiv Director, Saurabh Singh said "Business priorities and objectives have altered over the last few months, and with changing nature of job responsibilities, workload and pressure; we as employers are responsible to recognize efforts of our performers who are at constant work despite constraints. This performance appraisal and recognition for efforts are important to reward for their passion and spirit at work and to inspire them for their continued success which will eventually turn out to be the organization's success. On the other hand, our HR department is also working closely with each branch within the organization, to analyze an employee's need at this crucial hour and creating plans & initiatives simultaneously to improve the well-being of employee's keens and encourage them to deal with the crisis period with courage."



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