Majority Of Employees Are Unable To Manage Stress: Report

Majority Of Employees Are Unable To Manage Stress: Report

Majority of employees are unable to manage stress while working from home, according to HappyPlus Consulting study. 

The report covering nearly 2500 employees, has found that a majority of them, about 54 per cent, are often in the stress zone while around 39 per cent of people need immediate attention to manage their anxiety and stress.

HappyPlus Consulting Founder and CEO Dr Ashish Ambasta said,"Our research, based on scientific analysis, has revealed that having higher engagement at organisation level does not actually mean that the levels of stress among employees are low. On the contrary, this research has established that a majority of employees are working under stress." 

Since most of the organisations have asked their employees to work from home, amid the Covid crisis, a significant size of the respondents have said that their stress levels have gone up as their jobs don't leave them with enough time for their families and other personal needs, the survey further revealed.

"Stress management and mental health as a concept requires urgent attention by organizations. Having 72% of the population who are unable to speak their hearts out is startling." Says Shyamasree Chakrabarty, Director, HappyPlus Consulting

Interestingly, despite the stress and anxiety, nearly 88 per cent of respondents are taking high pride to be associated with their organizations, while around 85 per cent are inspired to go the extra mile and bring their best every day.


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