Swiggy Announces 4-day Work Week In May

Swiggy Announces 4-day Work Week In May

Swiggy has announced a 4-day four-day work week for all its employees for the month of May to address mental and physical health amid ongoing the COVID-19 pandemic.


The company has also set up a pandemic support mechanism, and an emergency support team to assist employees.


“As a mark of respect for the efforts and the month that May can be with the COVID cases escalating, we want to offer a 4-day work week to all of you. Please decide the 4 days that each of you would work and utilize the extra day to take rest, take care of yourself, take care of your family and friends" Girish Menon, head of Human Resources at Swiggy wrote in an internal e-mail to employees


"As many of you are aware, we have put together a COVID task force and we can definitely do more with more hands on the deck. Hence, if any of you would like to volunteer and actively help on the break day, you’re welcome", he further added. 



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