RepIndia Gives 4-Day Mental Health Break To Employees

RepIndia Gives 4-Day Mental Health Break To Employees

In the wake of ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, RepIndia has announced a 4-day Mental Health Break for its employees.


The agency has decided to shut shop from 6th to 9th May to afford employees the requisite time for healing, being with their loved ones and get vaccinated.


The 4-day break intends to give employees an opportunity to put work on hold without a worry and channel their time and effort towards something far more important – health and family. It goes without saying that any employee that has needed more time off, has been granted the leave - no questions asked.



With the agency recognising that it cannot work normally amidst these unfortunate circumstances, it has also decided to focus its resources towards extending a helping hand to the employees, their families and everyone else needing help from any part of the country. Consequently, RepIndia has created an Instagram page - @Cov.id911 which continues to publish critical and verified COVID-relief information regarding vital resources, leads and treatment. This is a true team effort wherein the employees of the agency have teamed up for not only helping each other out but extending a helping hand to the outside world as well.



Archit Chenoy, CEO, RepIndia, commented on the initiative: “There is no denying that this is an incredibly difficult time for the entire nation - and our workforce is no exception to that reality. We’ve all been knocked off our feet, witnessing the devastation all around us. This is a small initiative we’ve taken to give our people breathing room - whether that’s used to to grieve, to recuperate or to get vaccinated. The hard truth is that we’re in a full-blown national crisis and if giving people a few days off is going to ease a tiny bit of that pressure, it’s frankly the least we can do.  I hope employers across the nation are supportive towards their teams who have worked relentlessly during the pandemic and at this time do not shy away from showing compassion and basic human decency.” 




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