93% Companies In India Looking To Fill Vacancies Internally

93% Companies In India Looking To Fill Vacancies Internally

More than 9 in 10 (93 per cent) companies in India are looking to fill open roles internally in the post-covid era, according to LinkedIn’s Future of Talent report.

The report further revealed that 7 in 10 companies in India hire internally to gain an insider’s perspective or a sense of progress. It also stated that when hiring internally, the top 3 skills that companies in India look for are good communication, problem solving skills, and time management.


To keep pace with contemporary business needs, companies are also keen to upgrade the capabilities of their workforce. Taking cue, 95 per cent of firms a have dedicated Learning & Development programs to help employees learn new skills and prepare for the future.


LinkedIn’s research showed that 91 per cent companies in India use data to make informed talent-hiring decisions while 53 per cent frequently use data to map skills with open position requirements. 


Ruchee Anand, Director - Talent and Learning Solutions, India, Linkedin, said "As remote work continues to disrupt the way we work, HR will play a greater role in helping companies absorb new hiring trends to build the future of talent. In 2021, India will see more companies merge roles, upskill their employees, and hire internally to maximize business growth without expanding operational costs. Data-led hiring practices will also play a critical role in helping companies engage with their employees, attract the right talent, and hire more effectively in 2021. It’s evident that companies today are realizing that businesses succeed when their people succee." 


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