Urban Company To Sponsor COVID-19 Vaccination For Its Service Partners

Urban Company To Sponsor COVID-19 Vaccination For Its Service Partners

Urban Company  will cover COVID-19 vaccination costs for all service partners on its platform.


For this, the company will collaborate with local government authorities and healthcare providers to ensure that its fleet of service partners are fully vaccinated over the next few months.


In the first phase, the company is helping about 10 per cent  of its professionals aged above 45 years get vaccinated over the next few days. As a next step, the company hopes to vaccinate 100 per cent of its service professionals with at least one dose by the end of May, and two doses by the end of June, subject to how the government opens up vaccination for people aged 18-45.


The company is educating service partners on the benefits of getting vaccinated, and encouraging all service partners to get themselves vaccinated for their personal as well as the customer’s well-being.


Abhiraj Singh Bhal, Co-Founder and CEO of Urban Company said: “Safety of service partners and customers is our topmost priority. In the past year, we have implemented stringent safety protocols, including the usage of masks, gloves & face shields, daily temperature checks, single use sachets and disposables, sanitization of all tools before the service delivery, health and safety training, and cashless transactions.


“Further, we launched COVID-19 insurance and income protection plans for our service partners. Today, we take our safety efforts one step further by announcing free and priority access to COVID-19 vaccines for all our service partners. We are committed to working closely with local governments and healthcare providers towards this endeavour over the next several weeks. This is a natural step towards safeguarding the health of our service partners, ”he added.



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