Consumer Sector Is The most Gender-Diverse In India: Report

Consumer Sector Is The most Gender-Diverse In India: Report

Consumer sector is the most gender-diverse in India, according to the recent Kearney research.


Analysis from global consultancy partnership Kearney's latest 'Gender Equality Report' has revealed progress in female representation in both public and private sectors, but the figures still don't show parity.


The study provides insight into the progress of diversity in private and public sectors across nine key regions globally – the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, India, France, Spain, Germany, South Africa, and Singapore.


The annual report revealed that France was number one for representation in the private sector with women comprising nearly 44 per cent (43.8 per cent) of board members on average, however, only 2 per cent of these women held top board positions. The UK (36 per cent) and Australia (34 per cent) also scored highly for the representation of women on boards. India (17 per cent) must double or triple its growth to lead the gender-diversity ratio across the boardroom. The global average for board-level female representation is 29.9 per cent - not even one in three.


The public sector – meaning members of Parliament or equivalent – is faring slightly better. The average across the regions surveyed is 33.2 per cent - a marginal difference compared to the private sector – but two-thirds (6 out of 9) regions showed more promising gender parity in their governments compared to on their boards. South Africa led the way in the public sector with 44 per cent  of its MPs being women compared to 14% in India.

The findings showed that the consumer sector held the position in the top three most gender-diverse sectors of every country studied, except for Spain, and ranks highest in India, France, and Germany. For India, Germany, and South Africa is the second most gender-diverse sector compared to Australia, the UK, Spain, the US, and Singapore where it leads.


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