Flipkart Launches Third Edition Of 'Girls Wanna Code'

Flipkart Launches Third Edition Of 'Girls Wanna Code'

Flipkart has launched the third edition of its successful campus initiative - 'Girls Wanna Code'.


The initiative is a part of the organisation's charter of enabling more women in the technology stream.


With this mentorship and comprehensive upskilling programme, the company aims to empower the next generation of women in technology by creating a strong community for aspiring coders from not only metro cities, but tier 2+ regions too where there is tremendous untapped potential.


While many mentorship opportunities are traditionally restricted to tier 1 educational institutions in metro regions, Girls Wanna Code is breaking these barriers and enabling access to a wider community of aspiring women coders. This is being facilitated through a three month programme where 200 participants from across the country will be mentored by leaders from Flipkart.


Speaking about Girls Wanna Code, Krishna Raghavan, Chief People Officer, Flipkart, said, "We are committed to creating the right kind of opportunities that enable more women to pursue successful careers in technology. The Girls Wanna Code programme is aimed at creating an empowering community and providing mentorship to a larger group from across India. Through this, we aim to unlock new opportunities for women that will help them pursue ambitious careers."



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