68.5 % Women Anticipate To Return To Workplace In 2021

68.5 % Women Anticipate To Return To Workplace In 2021

Around 68.5 per cent women anticipated that they would return to their workplaces to resume normal work in 2021, while 31.5 per ent of them expected to continue working from home , found JobsForHer Women’s Day survey.


The online career platform for women recently conducted a survey with a total of nearly 3200 women around the remote working norm, upskilling, and the future of work to understand their expectations and preferences surrounding the aforementioned better.


The survey observed that a majority of women found that remote working had allowed them to cut down on commuting to the office, enabling them to focus more on their work.


When asked how remote working has positively impacted their work, the survey revealed that out of 3127 respondents, a majority of them, 30.4 per cent, said that they spent fewer hours commuting to work which allowed them to focus more on their work. Spending more time with family came closely behind with 30.3 per cent of respondents enjoying increased time with their families. Besides these, 20.4 per cent of respondents said that remote working opened up several new opportunities across cities while 18.9 per cent of them said that working from home has enabled them to say money.


The survey also gathered data on respondents who were most likely to undertake any career development/upskilling courses. JobsForHer noted that out of 916 respondents, 20.4 per cent of them said that they were most likely to enroll themselves in career development courses while 79.6% were likely to consider undertaking such courses. Furthermore, JobsForHer also surveyed respondents on the future of work and witnessed that 68.5 per cent  of 3185 respondents anticipated that they would be returning to normal work in an office in 2021 while 31.5% of them expected to continue working from home this year.


Neha Bagaria, Founder and CEO of JobsForHer said, "The past year has been a challenging one for all of us, and working from home has largely become the norm despite a few organizations reopening their doors. JobsForHer's Women's Day survey was aimed at analyzing the preferences and anticipations of women in the workforce. More and more women are now aspiring to climb the professional ladder and progress to leadership roles.”



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