Employability Gender Gap Narrowing With Digital Revolution in India: India Skills Report

Employability Gender Gap Narrowing With Digital Revolution in India: India Skills Report

According to India Skills Report 2021 on the talent demand and supply in post-COVID India by Wheebox, the use of digital technologies in India is narrowing gender-gap in employability and the next boom in the technology-led services will witness the next boom in the employment market.


The report further stated that around 45.9 per cent of the youth in the country are “highly employable resources” with Delhi-NCR, Odisha, and Uttar Pradesh possessing the highest pool of employable talent in India.


The employability of women stands at 46.8 per cent as compared to 45.91 per cent of men. The report said that considering the population of qualified and employable human resources in India being women, Indian employers are expected to make reforms in existing infrastructure to accommodate this vast talent pool. By doing so, India can set a trend for every emerging economy to reverse gender roles and create sustainable opportunities for the future of globalisation and world commerce.


Nirmal Singh, Founder, and CEO, Wheebox said, “Finally, the gender gap in employability is improving with the Indian digital revolution. One great structural change that we found is that women's participation is higher than in the previous five years. Women consist of 36 per cent of the workforce, while men comprise 64 per cent of all workers. The highest percentage of women in any sector was recorded in the Banking and Financial Services Industry (BFSI) making up to 46 per cent of the employable talent in this industry. The trend is one of the most positive ones for the future, especially with the work from home possibilities."


The report, in partnership with Taggd, CII, AICTE, AIU, and UNDP, also found out that of all cities, Mumbai has the most “highly-employable resources”, followed by Hyderabad.

The India Skills Report employes a combination of final-year candidates assessment across India, who appeared for the Wheebox National Employability Test (WNET), and 150+ corporates across 15 industries who participated in the India Hiring Intent survey. 


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