Five Major Job Surveys To Form National Employment Policy Base  

Five Major Job Surveys To Form National Employment Policy Base  

A prominent news agency recently reported that the national employment policy will witness a revival after the completion of five major job surveys over the next eight months. These broad-based surveys with large samples size will be carried out across professionals, migrants, domestic workers, industrial establishments and the transport sector.


The labour market will also include ‘gig’ work which will aid in the formulation of a comprehensive employment policy with social security and welfare measures for both formal and informal sectors.


In an email, the labour ministry outlined the process of the surveys which will be carried out with over six to seven months of field-work. There has been an increasing demand for regularising informal sector and the gig economy, develop social security and welfare schemes for the inorganised labour market.


It is via a national employment policy that this work can be realised while also formalising incentives for the employers for the promotion of an environment lucrative to job creation.


Reportedly, the objective of the surveys is to gain insights into the job market such as the percentage of the domestic workers in major states in proportion to national figures. It will also afford a glimpse of the socio-economic conditions of migrant labourers and their living and working conditions. The purpose, obviously, is to design welfare schemes and measures based on the findings.


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