Stratbeans Introduces AI-Based Solution to Drive Better Sales Enablement

Stratbeans Introduces AI-Based Solution to Drive Better Sales Enablement

Stratbeans, an AI-based online learning solutions provider, announced the introduction of its modern, advanced digital solution which is designed to drive better sales enablement in the corporate sector. The employment of the new solution would allow organisations to equip the sales teams with intelligent insights helping them in generating significant numbers and revenues through sales, especially amidst these critical times led by Covid-19.


The new solution is aimed at maximising the reach and impact of sales in different organisations. By giving more flying hours virtually to the sales personnel and exposing them to real selling scenarios in a simulated environment, these innovative tools would help in redefining and redirecting their sales activities and efforts The focus is on enabling the digital training and provision of robust data-driven content that would enhance the sales readiness of employees.  


According to Pradeip Agarwal, COO & Co-founder, Stratbeans, "We are happy to bring forth our new, smart and intuitive digital solution which has been intrinsically built to elevate the sales capabilities of multiple corporate houses that are working with us. Sales is the core function that defines success of any organization, and it is important that the sales force is equipped with the best of skills and knowledge to facilitate better client interactions,further enabling the executives to close more deals." 


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