Tata Starbucks Offers to Help Staff in India Purchase Two-Wheeler  

Tata Starbucks Offers to Help Staff in India Purchase Two-Wheeler  

Tata Starbucks is offering a program to help its staff in India procure financing aid to purchase a two-wheeler for skilled or private use.


The two-wheeler help program was developed upon the results of a staff survey confirming transportation as one of the primary areas of concern. In a press launch, Tata Starbucks said that the program aims to enable and empower its staff members was created to empower staff in India by offering its partners a range of choices for daily transport needs. The company hopes to afford the staff peace of mind during the commute. The scheme is open to all employees who have worked for the company for six months. 


In its move to enable ownership of vehicles and become independent, Tata Starbucks aims to improve the mental makeup of its employees and give them a stress-free commute experience daily. The company will offer an advance salary to its employees to give down payments for a two-wheeler as per their preference. The staff will also be able to avail loans at less interest rates and get discounts on several models, including electric and second-hand vehicles.


Employees having worked with the company for two years will receive a contribution from the company in the down payment. Additionally, will facilitate the selling of old vehicles for staff who want to purchase a new one and get a discount on the new vehicle.


The company is also conducting workshops to educate all employees on road safety.


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