Virtusa Introduces Engineering IQ Program

Virtusa Introduces Engineering IQ Program

Virtusa has announced the launch of an Engineering IQ Program which is designed to solve current-day challenges that employees, service companies, and their clients face. The Engineering IQ program provides a solution that not only meets but also exceeds employee skilling aspirations. It provides an efficient business model to serve client's skill needs and help clients by reducing overhead for candidate selection while also increasing the quality and fit of candidates.


The key characteristics of the Engineering IQ program are:


Objectivity -


Every Virtusa employee is given a single score (called Capability Index) that indicates their capability based on technical skills, engineering skills, specialized skills soft skills, total experience, etc.


Targeted Learning Experiences -


Based on the gaps identified it provides targeted training modules for expedited competency achievement that use best-of-breed training channels both online and offline.


Data-driven decisions -


The program also leverages scores for project deployment, career progression, and upskilling needs. The data also helps make deliberate decisions to better configure project teams by basing team composition on respective proficiency scores rather than just the experience or seniority of employees.


Reduced overheads for clients -


Change the existing "selection process" that clients use with a process that reduces or even eliminates time spent on interviews and decisions regarding candidates.


As business trends towards requiring well-rounded professionals that have specific skillsets, it's important now more than ever for organisations to invest in their people and guide their career progression and competency development. With Engineering IQ, a comprehensive program that brings employee training to the forefront of our success, we're able to help our clients with disciplined, motivated resources that can be quickly onboarded to tackle their toughest business and technology challenges.


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