Majority of Professionals Find Learning As A Way For Better Opportunities: Survey

Majority of Professionals Find Learning As A Way For Better Opportunities: Survey

More than half of professionals (67.5%) see learning as the key to landing better opportunities and plan to start learning programs in 2021, according to the annual survey report titled 'IT Skills Training Trends: 2020 and 2021', of Simplilearn, an Online Bootcamp for digital economy skills training.


Conducted to understand how 2020 has affected work environments and what are aspirants doing to prepare for the various eventualities that they foresee in 2021, the survey was conducted across more than 5,000 Simplilearn learners, comprising both individual and corporate learners. Around 19.4 per cent of survey respondents were freshers, 51.3 per cent mid-level, and 29.2 per cent senior-level professionals. A majority of the respondents were from the IT sector, followed by manufacturing, consulting and finance.


As per the survey, 35 per cent of respondents saw the pandemic as an opportunity to learn new skills; this number rose to 49.5 per cent of employees in small and medium enterprises. Around 4 per cent of respondents feel keeping their jobs depends on learning new skills and 66 per cent of professionals are either enrolled in training programs or plan to start in 2021.


What professionals expect from upskilling towards their careers in 2021


Technology professionals will be in demand in 2021, as much because of the pandemic as in spite of it. Around 54.3 per cent of professionals expect upskilling to provide better opportunities in 2021 or lead to pay-raises and promotions in their current jobs. Around 20 per cent expect upskilling to future-proof their careers and 25.8 per cent expect upskilling to unlock a new career path that lets them follow their passion. The year 2020 saw the evolution of a changing business landscape. This in turn resulted in changes to job requirements which prompted both working professionals and job seekers to invest in new skills and to ensure that they prepare not only for today but for an ever-changing future. The Simplilearn annual report focuses on the impact of the past year, expectations in the year 2021, and how job aspirants are adapting to the new ecosystem.


Professionals are taking a proactive approach to career success in 2021


Krishna Kumar, Founder and CEO, Simplilearn said, "The work-from-home scenario which is a by-product of the effects of the pandemic and the new normal, has driven a clear trend to online learning. With individuals getting a little extra time for self-development, we saw a 60% jump in enrollments in the early days of lockdown itself. In fact, usage on the platform has doubled compared to pre-pandemic times. Another factor which contributed to this was career uncertainty and job losses which made it clear to many professionals that digital skills is key to career stability and growth."


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