RepIndia Offers Special Holidays To Employees

RepIndia Offers Special Holidays To Employees

RepIndia, an integrated digital agency, has rewarded its employees with special holidays for their unwavering dedication and support during the COVID- 19 pandemic.


The four special holidays introduced are ‘A great team holiday’ (19th February), ‘Day of Radio Silence’ (19th June), an extra day off on Rakhi because it deserves at least two days’ holiday (20thAugust) after a year of social distancing, and one extra day off for Christmas (on 24th December) because it falls on a Saturday this year.


These four special holidays are in addition to the twelve yearly holidays.


Archit Chenoy, CEO, RepIndia said, “While we can debate the pros and cons of virtual working ad nauseam, I think we can all agree that WFH instated last year, has significantly blurred the lines between personal and professional life, leaving employees with a ‘work-life blur’. Add to that the emotional pressures of coping with the pandemic around us, we felt as an industry, the well-being of our team was left vulnerable. This is our humble effort to not only avoid burnout but also to say thanks to the ones that have stood by us, allowing our employees to do whatever they need to for themselves and their wellbeing.”



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