Facebook Warns Employees Against Wearing Company Logo In Public

Facebook Warns Employees Against Wearing Company Logo In Public


Social networking giant, Facebook, has warned its employees via an internal memo against wearing the company logo in public. The decision came in heels of Facebook's decision to put a ban on President Trump's account and out of concern for its's staff's safety.

The advisory came after the siege at the US Capitol and Facebook had informed of its decision to ban Trump for at least two weeks. The website also removed posts referring to the "Stop the Steal" campaign. The campaign falsely claims that the US election had been "stolen" by the opposition. The internal memo, posted by Facebook's security team was accessible to almost 56,600 Facebook employees.

Earlier in the month, an unruly crowd of Trump supporters had stormed the US Capitol when Biden's win was being validated by the Congress. Fueled by Trump's rhetoric and his speech about the election fraud, the protesters had forcibly entered the Capitol which led to the death of five people including a cop.

Though Trump did post a video on Twitter and Facebook, urging the mob to return to their homes, he did not condemn the actions. However, the platforms deleted the video later.

After the siege, many social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.  


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