Unilever Employees May Never Return To Office Full Time

Unilever Employees May Never Return To Office Full Time

Unilever may be mulling over a shift to modern working life with office workers not returning to their desks five days a week. It has been reported that one of United Kingdoms biggest companies, Unilever, may also encourage its staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19 but not make it mandatory and workers who opt not to be vaccinated may get tested mandatorily. The company is said to be weighing various patterns due to the aftermath of the pandemic and make changes to suit its workforce.


Due to the pandemic and the lockdowns, Unilever was compelled to shift to remote working across its main markets such as the US and UK. 


Reportedly, Unilever may go with a hybrid model of working making seamlessly incorporating homes and offices. All its 150,000 global employees may brace themselves for permanent changes.


However, reports added that the consumer good giant is still keen on employees returning to the offices upon witnessing deteriorating ties between employees as working remotely prevents them from interacting and meeting in person. This worry has been voiced by several business leaders who are concerned for lack of innovation as well as the effect it may have on training new staff without workers congregating.


Unilever is in the process of experimenting with new and modern practices of working. Its employees in New Zealand are working on a four-day week system. The decision has made Unilever one of the biggest companies to reduce working hours when several other firms reported its positive effects on employee well being and productivity.



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