Companies in India Warn Staff Against Sharing Sensitive Info On Whatsapp

Companies in India Warn Staff Against Sharing Sensitive Info On Whatsapp

According to recent reports, companies in India - both national and multinational - have started issuing advisories to their employees, advising them to curtail sharing sensitive information on WhatsApp. Organisations have also asked employees to avoid using the messaging app for important business calls.


The move comes after Whatsapp rolled out its new privacy policy and terms of service detailing the various ways and modes in which it is planning to share data with Facebook. Reportedly, cybersecurity experts are saying that companies are issuing these alerts to prevent compliances issues afterwards. Also, it is reported that the parliamentary committee on information technology due to meet today to discuss 5G may discuss the privacy updates of WhatsApp.


In light of the privacy updates, many organisations in countries where Whatsapp is in use are asking its employees to safeguard themselves. Whatsapp has forayed into the corporate world as smaller organisations are now depending on the messaging app for Group Chats, communicating news and other updates. Though a blanket ban may not be in the best interest of such companies, they can resort to creating rules and regulations around the usage of Whatsapp groups. Reportedly, companies are now urging employees to use emails and personal messaging services to relay information and updates.


There are many business networking platforms like Slack and Microsoft teams and firms must think about investing in these platforms to avoid any problems in the future. 


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