Trust at Work Should Be Earned, says A Majority of Indian Employees

Trust at Work Should Be Earned, says A Majority of Indian Employees

In a global survey called "Trust in the Workplace", almost 90 per cent of employees and business leaders in India said that trust at work should be earned. The research aims to encourage people managers and aspiring people managers to re-evaluate their presumptions of about competence in their teams and avoid the pitfalls of assuming good intentions just based on interactions.


Conducted by, the Workforce Institute at UKG and Workplace Intelligence, the report showcases findings from a global survey of 4,000 employees and business leaders across 11 countries, including India.


As per the survey, 63 per cent of all the employees and business leaders questioned feel that trust at work must be earned. Around 72 per cent of C-level leaders believe that it is up to the employees to earn trust whereas 37 per cent believe trust should be presumed.


Around 90 per cent of Indians believe that trust must be earned as compared to the US (68 per cent), the UK (67 per cent) and Australia, New Zealand, Canada and France (64 per cent each).


Chris Mullen, Executive Director, The Workforce Institute at UKG, said, “Trust makes it safe to pursue new innovations and challenge the status quo. It’s a critical element to deliver meaningful and connected experiences.”


As for companies witnessing a rise in trust as opposed to pre-COVID levels, about 52 per cent of global employees and business leaders admit that trust has grown in their organisations. India scored high in workplace trust with 67 per cent, following by Mexico (56 per cent), the US (53 per cent), the UK (52 per cent) and Australia and New Zealand (50 per cent).


However, the COVID realities of remote working which many market pundits have predicted are here to stay are not settling well with most employees. Around 55 per cent of all surveyed feel it is easier to trust colleagues in a physical workplace compared to a virtual world. On the other hand, 61 per cent feel the pandemic positively reshaped perceptions on flexible and remote work systems.


Furthermore, trusts ride high for Indians and 80 one per cent of Indian employees said that their productivity levels get negatively affected by the absence of trust in the workplace. Globally, however, only 68 per cent felt a connection between low trust levels and productivity and output.


Sumeet Doshi, country manager, India, Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), said, “Trust is the foundation of any great team especially when they navigate through a crisis. When people feel they are trusted, they invariably do their best, both as individuals and as a collective team.”


The Workforce Institute at UKG was founded in 2007 and provides research and education on critical workplace issues.


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