Vistara to Continue Staff Pay Cuts Till March

Vistara to Continue Staff Pay Cuts Till March

Effective from January 1, Vistara airline is doing away with the three-day leave without pay policy for its pilots but will be continuing with pay cuts of its staff till March.


The carrier, a joint venture of Tata Group and Singapore Airlines, will be implementing a salary cut of 10 per cent for its pilots but is planning to raise the monthly base flying allowance from the present 20 hours to 40 hours.


Vistara CEO too will continue to take 25 per cent cut in monthly pay. Last September, Vistara had announced that it will be carrying out a review of the salary cuts in January 2021. Vistara had reduced the salaries of 40 per cent of its total workforce from June '20 till December 31, '20 due to the adverse effects of the pandemic on the travel and tourism industry with falling passenger demand.


It had reduced the base flying allowance for pilots, a fixed component of the salary for 70 hours per month, to 20 hours till December 31, '20.


In September last year, Vistara had also implemented a three-day 'Leave Without Pay' for the pilots.


It was further informed that the junior level employees with a monthly salary (CTC) equal to or more than Rs 50,000, will face a 5 per cent pay cut per month. For pilots, the cut will be 10 per cent.


The aviation industry continues to face challenges of weak passenger numbers and travel restrictions pushing them to resort to dire solutions like pay cuts and lay-offs.



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