ByteDance Enters Pharma Industry; Inviting Applications For its Labs

ByteDance Enters Pharma Industry; Inviting Applications For its Labs

Tiktok parent company, ByteDance, is making a foray into the health industry and is looking for candidates to join its team and conduct cutting-edge research in drug discovery and manufacturing powered by AI algorithms.


The team is inviting applications for five roles which also include interns. Established in 2016, the AI-focused research and development arm aims to serve ByteDance’s content services like TikTok’s Chinese version Douyin. The company is now spreading its wings into pharmaceuticals.


The research positions require a PhD degree in disciplines such as computer science, mathematics, computational biology and computational chemistry. The recruits will be working on drug development such as design, identification and simulation.


The company is also inviting applications for at all levels at its Artificial Intelligence Lab. The company is currently hiring research scientists, software engineers, and interns in following areas: machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, speech recognition and synthesis, recommender systems, data mining, information retrieval, and distributed systems.


The company headquarter is in Haidian, Beijing and is within minutes of transport from China's top academic institutions. 


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